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Sunday, July 18, 2010 11:47:36 AM
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Sunday, January 29, 2012 12:59:40 AM
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Tribal Sovereignty
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Native American flute dances with guitar and strings.

C W Pinedog...all music, instruments, and production.

Dedicated to Mary Jemison, "White Woman of the Genesee". Mary was taken captive at age 5 in 1756 by the Seneca Indians near present day Pittsburgh and taken to an outpost in Ohio. She later married a Deleware Indian and, with a 6 month old baby strapped to her back, walked to Genesee Country here in Western New York State where she settled. Mary spent her whole life with the Seneca and tried hard to be a go-between with the Senecas and the white settlers that flooded the countryside. Mary lived to be 92 and "saw it all".
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In the Artists Own Words
"She Who Remembers" is a song i wrote as a tribute to Mary Jemison, the "White Woman of the Genesee". Mary was only a little girl when a Seneca Indian raiding party attacked her family home far out in the western wilderness...which was Pennsylvania in 1756. Her family was killed and she was taken captive to a Seneca outpost in Ohio. Years went by and she integrated into the tribe, marrying a Deleware Indian and , with her 6 month old papoose strapped to her back, walked to Genesee country here in western New York State. Mary lived to age 92 and remained with the Senecas her whoile life. She saw it all...the French at war with the British, the land hungry colonists, the American Revolution, and the conquest of her tribe and their subsequent relocation to reservations. She spent her whole life trying to help all sides to make peace. Mary was "She Who Remembers"

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