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Friday, July 30, 2010 1:12:05 PM
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Friday, July 30, 2010 1:18:47 PM




I think I’m almost done with you
It doesn’t seem to w
Whichever way I veer
I need to centre here
Whatever I try not to shirk
Seems just to worsen
I need to find an antidote
Anaesthetize this poison

What would you have me think or do
I see your colours churning
This cross you nailed me to
I think feel it burning

I pray to God I have the strength
The power to see it through
I only know I did my best
For what it means to you

I must transcend this heavy feeling
Must not allow myself to get drawn in
There are no battle cries
Where generals stand alone
Remove the cause
There will be no more war
Remove the tumour
And we will breathe once more

No more score to settle
No more getting even
Remove the tumour
The putrid rumour
There will be
There will be
Yes there will be
No longer need
To feed on to feed on greed
I will impede
I will succeed

I will impede this sorry
I must impede this sorry
This Sorry
Sorry sorry war
My idea of you is mere illusion
Your idea of me causes confusion

I think it’s for the best
I never meant you no harm

Is it all really
Is it all really just
Is it all really just a test

Given it everything I can
There’s almost nothing left to give
I never really meant to
I never tried to hurt you
I’m only trying my best to live

To live
To live
To live
To live
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