The Man With No BandHeroes and Goats (revisited)
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Thursday, August 12, 2010 10:57:58 PM
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Friday, September 10, 2010 5:33:31 PM
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Temperatures rise ... Temperatures fall
Slippery slopes ... Heroes and Goats
All wind up on the same parlor table

People come ... People go
Mineral dust ... We all fade and rust
Don't matter who or where that you came from

Don't try and hold on to tight
ya know it's all a mirage ...
There is no order just one big
chaotic collage ...
Rules are for fools who believe
somebody's keepin' score
Truth be told it's all
a smoke and mirror show

Vessels expand ... vessels compress
Menial task ... before your organs crash
Only figments in a blind man's fable

The fire burns ... the fire burns out
Red blood or blue ... me and you
Only moments never meant to hang onto

Your ticket only last so long
and then you are gone ...
Ya might as well use it right
and use it wrong ...
Rules are for fools who believe
somebody's keepin' score ...
Truth be told it's all
a big damn joke

you can try and be a hero
but your still just a part of the show
Go ahead and be a hero
nobody's really keepin' score
ya think ya wanna be a hero
but's all just a big damn joke
You're not really a hero cuz your still
just one of the goats

na na na na na na na na x
Song Comments

Over The Moon Two
I love the sincere nature of this song and vocal. Lovely production - haunting.

Gyroscope Alternative
Nice song Sam!

Nice. Are you doing all the guitar work? I know I'll catch a few when I play this for 'em!

Great melody. Beautiful song. -M-

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