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Thursday, October 07, 2010 1:19:57 AM
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Thursday, October 07, 2010 1:23:15 AM
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Blues Heaven
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Blues Music is Truth
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I remember YOU


Yo !

Blue moon - blue moon
You rise too slowly - you set too soon
If you spent a little longer cruising that night time sky
Then maybe you'd see what you do to me each night.
Then in the morning I'd get out of bed to find
That morning sun shine his kindly disposition
Upon the things we left undone.
And I'd feel a little better - next time you come
It's all up to you - whatever you do - blue moon.

Well I've been a'thinkin' - there's been a whole lot you're not telling me.
This ship is sinking - I need your guiding light on me tonight
So come back soon - and shine on me my sweet blue moon.

And your silver mountains and your secretive seas of light.
They'd see much more of me
If I could see through to the dark side of you tonight.
Then in the morning I'll get out of bed to find
That morning sun - shine his kindly disposition
On the things we left undone.
So shine on me ...
Shine on me my sweet blue moon. x
Song Comments

Blues Music is Truth
give me some dat blues especially from that groovin Gilly gal nice one, mellow vibe

Blues Heaven
That's what I call cool Blues number!

Gilly was a good friend of mine a few years back, I wish she was still here at IMP now. We obviously had a lot in common as I have many Moon related songs in my repertoire. At time of writing we are witnessing a Blue, Super Moon, so this song seemed rather apt.

I remember YOU
The distinctive vocals of a popular talented IMP artist who I had the pleasure of working with way back when...

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