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Thursday, October 21, 2010 12:30:12 PM
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Thursday, October 21, 2010 12:31:37 PM


Pure country. This song puts a twist on getting laid off. Very timely in 2010.

Lyrics by Cathy West, music by Mike Dooley. Performed and recorded by Mike Dooley at JCB Studios, Manor, Texas. Special guest vocalist - Cathy West.

I co-wrote this song with Cathy West. She came to me with a poem with the title "Pink Slip" and asked if I could turn it into a song.

The boss said things were changing and times were getting tough
I never thought I’d see the day my best was not enough
I tried to walk out steady and hold my head up high
I prayed to God, that no one noticed when I began to cry

‘Cause today I got a pink slip and now I’m going home
My wife and kids depend upon me, I feel so all alone
I’ve worked hard all my life, I’ve done the best I can
Ain’t it funny how a piece of paper can really change your plans

I didn’t mind the traffic, I needed time to think
But every time I thought of home my heart began to sink
I called my wife, on the phone, I couldn’t tell her to her face
That I feel, like such a failure, I’d lost that old rat race


The lights were out, when I got home, it looked like she was gone
I thought that she had left for good and I had lost it all, lost it all


I opened up our bedroom door and walked into the room
Into the flickering candle light and smell of her perfume
She had a lacy pink slip on, my heart began to race
And all the worries, on my mind dissolved in her embrace

Yeah, my baby’s got a pink slip on, she’s glad to have me home
She tells me not to worry ‘cause tonight we’re all alone
I’ll make your worries, melt away between these satin sheets
With a smile, as big as Texas and Pink Slip at her feet
With a smile, as big as Texas and Pink Slip at her feet
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