John PippusI'm Mad (Every Little Thing You Do)
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Sunday, November 28, 2010 9:14:35 AM
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Friday, April 08, 2011 7:44:45 PM
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Over The Moon Two


From the album, "Orphans and Singles". Reached #3 on the KIAC Hitline.

Words, music, vocals and guitars: John Pippus
Bass and production: Rob Fillo

I’ll tear the filters off your cigarettes
You can smoke up in my eyes
I’ll donate you both my lungs pretty babe
If you get paralyzed

I’m mad, I’m mad
Every little thing you do
I’m mad, I’m mad
Whatcha gonna do about it

If you start a fire
I will put it out
You can drive the fire truck
I hate to see you pout

I’m mad…

An artist paints his picture
A lawyer pleads his case
I just stand here mesmerized
By your pretty face... mesmerize me

I wanna see you naked
I wanna see you famous
I’m coming to your show tonight
I don’t care what your name is

I’m mad…

© 2010 John Pippus
Song Comments

every one here is cursed to spend time howling for pipeline presence -some make the cut!

Over The Moon Two
Great bluesy rock track - nice effects too....

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