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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Another collaboration...oh one is all me! Heheh.........

Joel Kelly
(Based on a poem by Bethany).

Metaphorical song about a girl.
I'm a skinny walking stick
my name is Jelly Koel
That big dung beetle thinks I'm a creep
cuz he doesn't love my soul......

No one see's me
I blend right in
I'm long and skinny
and I need a friend

I know a sexy little spider
she thinks she's bad to the bone
She calls me every night
I'm hanging on her every moan......


She lured me to her lair
She said "You're delicious without hair.
I'd like to eat you up, I think it's only fair!"

Ms Spider thinks I'm tasty,
more scrumptious than some lightning bug named Fred
(who's Fred?)
The other stick bugs try to warn me
that she'd like to eat my head......

Noone see's me
I blend right in
I'm long and skinny and I need a friend......

Song Comments

Psyche Folk
Joel Kelly's a cool bedroom artist with strong late 60s influences.. Walking Stick's a wonderfully charming song,perfectly suiting its spirited lofi homemade production..Sweet simple melody,handclaps and delightful yoo-hoo hook..It's got a timeless quality of innocence and friendliness sadly missing in todays cynical age-but kinda all the more welcome because of it..Nice one:)

The Hitmen-Completed Contracts 3
Lovely whimsical lofi acoustic late 60s flavored folk track,with the kinda charm and eccentricity that you associate with that time..The yoo-hoo hook is totally ace'n' childlike and will stick to you like superglue..

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