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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Its title track offers a socially conscious anthem about the consequences of climate change, as a rash of alarming trends sweep the land: “temperatures plummeting to 12 below at the equator, a dry spell across South America’s tropical rain forests and fire along the Polar ice caps.”

The song also includes a nod to Al Gore’s “Alliance for Climate Protection,” in the lyric, “Al sends regards, he said he is going out of his mind/The sun is shining in the middle of a quiet Carthage night,” referring to his Tennessee hometown. In hand, 10% of the song’s proceeds from iTunes will be donated to Gore’s foundation.

In addition, the force field of cacophonous percussion and insistent beats in “Wild” were such an inspiration for Tinatin and Sahin that he remixed the title track into a frenetic dance floor paean. This version, included on the EP, will be released to DJs/clubs in June. Videoclips for both were lensed by Christopher Holmes/ Holmeswood Features. The video can be found at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxWAcP-2VAE

Writers: Tinatin Japaridze, Ayhan Sahin


Back in the days of the radio
I’d buy LPs in a local store
Play my records on the stereo
Why why so long ago

Here in the age of the satellites
There’s so much I don’t recognize
What’s become of our paradise
Why why, what an easy crime

I got the news
Flooding through the mail from friends
Natasha says the winter is so wild and hot
In Leningrad

Finding dates through cyber space
Making love is a click away
Dinners served from a microwave
It’s wild wild to live a modern life

Gone are the days of the radio
I don’t buy music in a local store
I don’t play my records on the stereo
It’s gone gone so long ago

Al sends regards
He said he is going out of his mind
The sun is shining in the middle of a quiet Carthage night
It’s wild wild wild wild
Rain’s pouring down in a desert on the sand
Eshref says snow fall on a pyramid is wild wild wild

"We interrupt this song for an urgent weather bulletin!
Temperatures have plummetted to 12 below 0 centigrade-at the Equator!
Meanwhile, there's an intense dry spell sweeping across South Americas
tropical rain forests!
And this just in. There's a raging fire burning everything in sight-along the Polar ice caps!"

I got the news
Flooding through the mail from friends
Jorgen says the winter is so wild and hot
In Legoland
Christmas in Rome
Feels like summer on the beach
Maria saw the Santa surfing winter tide
It’s wild wild wild

Song Comments

New and Noteworthy
sonic fx, bold in places, withh enuf happenin' to keep m'attentive...

Cool tune here - I think I heard this before - but didn't connect... now connected....on WTOZ....

Greatest Clicks
Gone are the days of the radio...but not here

eYe 2
elements of old school Brit pop. but re-invented and better. catchy as hell, total coolness of transitions too, love the colorful progressions, neat guitar part in tasty short shots. solid percussion, just drives you to dig it. big soundscape. great production, cool everything on this ...felt i was going back in time with this lucy kinda in the sky with diamonds but mixed in with some modern edginess and clever songcrafting and you have something that lives on.

Itso's Earworms
Oh, wow :O I have Steve and his "New and Noteworthy" station to thank for yet another great discovery for me here on IMP. This song has a fascinating complex sound (instrumentation + lovely vocals, and melodies + textures), so artfully and creatively assembled by this Georgian lady, from such a unique and delightful mishmash of stylistic and even cultural influences, that it's impossible for me to define not only the main genre (it's absolutely not just "Brit Pop", as it's labeled) - frankly, even the different and diverse influences and styles are hard to exactly put my finger on... The song has both something retro, and something modern; something Western, and something Eastern... And I would have noticed the latter, even if I didn't already know the lady was from Georgia... and that's the Georgia on the border between Europe and Asia, not the US state :P Anyway, whatever it is, this is truly beautiful and meaningful, and at the same time infectious and dance-worthy; even - jump-worthy. Combining those qualities is an extremely rare feat.

Music Monsters
I finally 'borrowed' from my buddy "Itso's Earworms" station. This is his latest acquisition, and I am compelled to place it very high on my list because of the significance. For the first time I must also 'borrow' from the artist's station for my comments: "Born in Soviet Georgia and raised in Moscow, Tinatin (Vocalist, Songwriter, Author, & Radio Personality) is an artist of infinite pedigree who composes and performs a wide spectrum of material, host and produces her own radio show as a United Nations Correspondent in New York City and UN Radio. For her debut EP "Wild" Tinatin collaborates with songwriter/producer Ayhan Sahin on Young Pals Music. Title track "Wild" offers a socially conscious anthem about the consequences of climate change, as a rash of alarming trends sweep the land."

Cincy Cat's Top 40
A message we need today, more than ever. Great melody, harmonies and production. Love this song!

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