Social SpitFUK AUF BITCH go jump in a ditch
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Thursday, April 28, 2011 7:40:54 PM
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Thursday, December 22, 2016 2:28:25 AM
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Fuck Off Bitch, Go Jump In A Ditch!

W:M: Russ Weber and Jonny Vee and Cliff Cunningham

This was recorded with Pro Tools 6.4 on Jonny's Digi-001 in February 2011 - One of Nine songs we recorded in one sitting. This is session that put it in our minds ot get a bigger practice room, and fill it with Recording gear. Since then, we aquired a Sweetwater Creation Station with Pro Tools 8.0.X and a Digi-003 Digirack, a focusrite 8-channel OptiPre MKII, and an ART DPS-II 2-channel SP/DIF preamp with a tube preamp. We loaded these songa recorded on the earlier Digi and mixed it on the new system, with much better results. So, this song is an exclusive sample of an upcoming record we have in the works, don't have a name for it yet - The new versoion of "The Saga of Little Sarah" was also remastered on that system.

Cliff - Vocals

Jonny - Guitars and Vocals

Ugly Lenny - Bass

Javier Vega - Drums
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