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This is one of 6 recordings I made in 1980 or thereabout. This was an analog stereo recording that unfortunately had degraded quite a bit over 30 years. These recordings represent my first experience with a drum machine, compressors, and synthesizers. There are multiple technical issues with these recordings however I was quite surprised at the quality of the songs themselves. I think my basic songwriting skills are very evident in these songs even though the recordings do not do them justice. I plan to rerecord all of these songs in the coming months. I thought it would be fun to share these tracks anyway. Give them a try, you may like them just the way they are.
Thanks for listening.

Written, recorded, performed and produced by Ted Lehman (ASCAP) (c) Copyright 1980-2011

The Anniversary Song (One Fine Year)
By Ted Lehman © Copyright 1980-2011

It's been one fine year
since we tied the knot
let's give three cheers
cause it really means allot

We've had so many days
and some wonderful nights
we've found so many ways
to treat each other right

when it all began
I surely didn't know
all that would happen
which way we would go

a year has come and gone
there's one thing that I know
I'm always feeling warm
I never feel alone

One year's worth of days
One year anniversary
will never come again
Happy anniversary
with love from me to you
on our anniversary
what I feel is true

This song will work for any anniversary just change the number for your anniversary.

It's been ten fine years
since we tied the knot

Ten year's worth of days
Ten year anniversary
will never come again
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