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Thursday, February 16, 2012 11:03:06 AM
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Monday, October 27, 2014 8:38:55 AM
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A song about kismet - as Chas 'n' Dave might have imagined it

Vocals: Keith Richbell; piano; Colin Bates; percussion: Maark Namgauds; guitar and bass, Brian Booth; backing vocals: all the above, with a final contribution from the late, great and much-missed Arnold

Over ten years ago, I came up with a riff on the guitar that kept bugging me - where was it from? I played it to everyone I knew, and they all thought it was familiar - but no-one could say what it was. So: if you recognise it, I'll give up my claim to its composition.
This version was recorded on a Tascam 788 by a bunch of old bandmates, meeting up in Devon (UK) to drink too much beer and have some fun
Turn of the Wheel

Words and music: Brian Booth, copyright 2002/2012

When you’re looking back, seems that every track
Other than the one that you took
Led to greater things, the roundabouts and swings
Conspired to bring you down on your luck

‘Oh, if only - oh, I wish I’d just...’

Sometimes you draw two aces
Sometimes a three and two
Depends on the cards not dealt yet
Which pair is best for you

Hindsight has its place, when the human race
Is trying to make some sense of it all
But when it’s just you, all it will ever do
Is show you riding straight for the fall

‘Oh, I could have - oh, that’s when I should...’

Sometimes you land on Mayfair*
Sometimes on Old Kent Road*
The only important question:
Am I owing, or am I owed?

Relive history, solve that mystery
Of everybody winning but you
That way madness lies - drown in heartfelt sighs
And wish you could just start it anew

‘Oh, I should have - oh, I might have been...’

Sometimes you roll the sixes
Sometimes you roll snake eyes
Depends on the game you’re playing
Whether hope lives or dies
You know you can’t change the future
So why bother with the past?
You’ve only one life, so live it -
Go live it, the die is cast

Note for non-Brits: Mayfair and Old Kent Road are, respectively, the most and least expensive squares on the UK Monopoly board
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engagin' melody, vocal, kudos...

Missing The Beatles?
Good ol' "BB" does it again! -M-

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