Chandra MoonTrust Me
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Wednesday, April 04, 2012 3:55:15 PM
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Tuesday, July 02, 2013 10:34:32 PM
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serendipity redux III


This was one of my earliest songs which didn't get recorded on the first album. Hope you enjoy this new mix.

Composition, lyrics, guitar, lead vocal - Chandra Moon
Backing vocals, piano/keyboard - Paddy Uglow
Production, arrangement, synth - Richard Bloom

The age old story of disappointed love.

Lying in my bed,
Thoughts crawling round my head,
I cannot sleep at night,
Remembering what you said,

“Trust me, trust me babe”.

Walking on the beach,
Footprints in the sand,
Voices in the spray,
Breaking out of reach,

“Trust me, trust me babe”.

Wandering in green fields,
Light filtering through the trees.
I can’t forget the past
Whispering in the leaves,

“Trust me, trust me babe”.

You let me down, hurt my heart, said that we would never part.
Let me down, hurt my heart, said that we would never part.

“Trust me babe.”

Running in the rain,
Leaning on the wind,
Sighing in the breeze,
I hear your voice again,

“Trust me, trust me babe, trust me babe, Trust me babe”.

© Chandra Moon - November 2001

Song Comments

Mellow and reflective vibe with a mysterious drifting quality It leaves you floating on the river of music Chandra provides lovely lyrics and sweet vocals

My latest demo track - hope you like it.

Music Lovers
atmospheric, evocative, grand chorus...

I started song writing in 2005 and thanks to a brilliant songwriting group in Bristol run by the very wonderful Patrick Duff I wrote and recorded enough songs to release my first album Full Circle in February 2008.

serendipity redux III
It's proved a real b*gger, just picking one song from this lot. 'Rain, Rain...' nearly pipped it at the post, but the superb string arrangement and deceptively simple lyrics of this one came up from the back of the field and got it by a nose. But you have to listen to the songs in toto, I think, because the easy option for the casual listener is probably 'yeah yeah, fiddle-de-dee, ye olde folke clubbe stuff'; no, read the lyrics as you go. Music to break your heart to

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