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Monday, May 21, 2012 12:04:43 PM
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Tuesday, July 02, 2013 10:33:42 PM
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Words and Music Gets The Blues
Blues Music is Truth
The Gabby Station
Over The Moon
Selections from "Now Playing at IAC"


This is my most bluesy track - about not letting go of a relationship you know should be over by now! Mastered version March 2013.

Chandra Moon - composition, guitar, vocals
Richard Bloom - arrangement and production, lead guitar, pads
Paddy Uglow - keyboards
Lee Pellington - bass guitar

Five Years Ago

Ships in the night
Couldn't say no
It wasn't love
Nowhere to go

Such an old friend
Gone on so long
Want it to end
I know it's wrong

Going nowhere fast

Can't be so hard
Find someone new
Pick up the phone
It's always you

Five years have passed
Still can't say no
It isn't love
Get up and go

Going nowhere fast

(instrumental break)

Ships in the night
Couldn't say no
It wasn't love
Five years ago................................

Chandramoon © May 2008

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Blues Music is Truth
pretty hip groove the groove

Over The Moon
My most bluesy track from the new album.

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