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Saturday, June 09, 2012 6:25:31 AM
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Wednesday, January 16, 2013 5:36:41 AM
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Dry Wood written by Copenhagen based singer songwriter Mette Kirkegaard (DK) and Berlin producer Brio Taliaferro

Nordic Americana Music..
" Dry Wood":
written Mette Kirkegaard/Brio Taliaferro
Mette Kirkegaard/Music Mette & Brio
written by Mette Kirkegaard
"Dont make me Choose":
Mette Kirkegaard/Brio Taliaferro
Record Label:
Pre release - former releases at Gateway Music
Brio Taliaferro, Berlin (Moby, Sugarbabes, Blunt, Dico)
Vocals & Guitar:
Mette Kirkegaard
Philip Keynack
Jessie Moncrieff
Philippe Kayser
add. programm, keys, guitars :
Brio Taliaferro

The song is about a relationship falling apart while the trees are burning. Mette got the inspiration from a roadtrip thru the states
You were suddenly standing there
such a handsome sharkeyed stare
dark magic and sweet lies
I could never read your eyes
I could go allover the world
trie to touch you without getting burned
you can taste it in the air
the fireskies are coming near
You´re like dry wood
I pour on water
Hoping you will soak
And it´s clear that soon you´ll
go up in smoke
You´re like dry wood
I pour on water
Hoping you will see
I could have you like no other
Please you like a lover
But when the sun goes down on you
You´re gone for good
I woke up like I slept in hell
Dry mouth and no tales to tell
Worked so hard to break your curse
All I did was make it worse
And we could go allover the world
Trie to run but it wont help
Can you taste it in the air
The fireskies are everywhere
You´re like dry wood

Mette Kirkegaard/Brio c.
Song Comments

rich sonics, musicality, gotta love the violin...

Great track here... great interesting vocal melody and instrumentation with the strings... the vocals are especially refreshing.... check it out on WTOZ

Over The Moon Two
Really like this track from Copenhagen based artist Mette.

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