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Wednesday, October 19, 2005 3:05:02 AM
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Friday, July 10, 2009 3:46:33 AM
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Hope Street
Suspended In Gaffa
mellow muso
Indie World Corner
Station Gold
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A dark dreamscape about loss and sorrow.

(P) & © 1998 Gold Circle Entertainment, Inc.
Published by Hovering Slab Music (BMI) and Samson Publishing
Music, lyrics, voices, instruments and arrangements - Happy Rhodes
Barney Rubble Drums, Nails of Goat and "Oh" by Jerry Marotta
Samples: David Torn's Tonal Textures, #'s 20, 23 and 27

How does my sorrow find me here?
I have lived
I have loved
Enough for all my time

And how stealthily
You come to me
I have loved
I have lost

Now all that remains
Is which one to

(From you I hide, by and by)
(From you I hide, by and by)

So how does my sorrow find me now?
Am I changed?
Have I loved?...

Song Comments

Hope Street
I feel sad but filled with Joy

Suspended In Gaffa
A surreal dreamscape, beautiful and sad

Indie World Corner

Station Gold
Atmospheric with an outstanding vocal

IAC Songchain..
"Interesting atmospheric number, the singer has quite an unusual voice, deep and smooth but with some unexpected highs. The rythmic change in the middle caught me suprise, mostly made of of vocal samples, but in an usnusual way. Good idea for athread this as I would never have come across this otherwise. My suggestion for listen too is Sally Strawberry's Come Back To Bed one of my favorite songs and it aint even blues :-)"........Andy Broad................................................................ OK Jammers I'm gonna respond to your choice but not to Steve's (this is "chain" right? just trying to define the protocol) Too out there for me but I'd better listen again because I'm a notorious blockhead when it comes to new (for me) styles. I suggest this one for the next participant, just because it is unlike anything else on the site and it really grew on me after a few listens. http://iacmusic.com/songs.aspx?SongID=56307&ArtistID=93426"....Kozy Kingz

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