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Friday, January 11, 2013 5:07:37 AM
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Friday, January 11, 2013 5:15:06 AM
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Uptempo song about being in the work force

Stoneman wrote, produced and performed everything on this recording

I was talking to a guy at the veterans health clinic about being retired and he said "We work our lives away just for a few years of retirement before we die. It inspired me to write this song

Work work, we work work work, we work our lives away yeah

Up early, get ready you've got a job you have to do
Cup of coffee and a donut get on the streets for the commute
Keep slaving in the mid-day sun, don't stop until the day is done
So grateful for the day you're hired, maybe someday you can retire from work

Work work, we work our lives away yeah

Tote that barge lift that bale storage trains are moving down the rails
Keep asking, can I help you. It's the question used to make a sale
Crane operators moving loads, Big mac trucks driving down the roads
So many work their lives away while looking towards vacation days from work

Work work, we work our lives away yeah

Everyone needs a job, to pay the bills and have some fun
And during breaks we sob, cause work is never ever done

ooooh we work till they say were through with all of the work we do
and then were so tired a blue so were stop and drink a few
The boss never seems happy, the benefits are so crappy
Complaints go to the union, who knows what they do with them

So, each day we get up and go and work till our hands are sore
In warehouses, streets and stores with overtime we make more
Rich folks profits keep mounting and office slaves keep counting
In debt were always drowning collection letters are mounting

Everyday tired, everyday sore every day get up work it some more This is the way we make our doe
working work our lives away
Living the dream, watching it grow, thankful for making a living fo' sho! depending on nobody though
working work our lives away

We work, work work, we work our lives away yeah

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"Uptempo song about being in the work force"

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