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Monday, March 11, 2013 8:39:15 PM
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Monday, March 11, 2013 11:28:40 PM
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I dedicate this song to my mother.

Words & Music by T. Nakayama

1st verse:
You’re leaving tomorrow                                       
But I’ll always be here.                                         
I won’t say good-bye when you walk away.    
The wind beats the window  
The sound rings in my ear.
May you be out of harm’s way, I pray. 

Wherever you go                                                  
Just come back home.                                           
My heart stays where it belongs.            

Fly a thousand miles.
I’ll hold you with a smile.
My heart stays where it belongs.
2nd verse:
I wish the sun would never set                                                 
And the mornings never come.                             
But I let you go for I wish all the best.            

A whisper in the dark silhouette 
Your warmth makes me calm.
Lay your head on my chest and rest.
Chorus: the same
Oh, it’ll make me thrilled
To see your dreams all fulfilled.
Until the day you win
I’ll only keep waitin’.
Here to see
You back me.
Chorus: the same
I won’t go anywhere                                      
My conscience is clear.                                         
I’ll be right here                                                     
Without any fear                                                     
You’ll always be in my care.                                  

Call my name
When you walk through that door.
Steps on the floor
The face I adore
You’ll look just the same.
My heart stays where it belongs.
Song Comments

Over The Moon
Another unique, original and quirky track full of emotion and wonderful instrumentation. My favourite leftfield artist.

Organic Rock from Japan!!

Latest Wonders
Traditional Japanese instruments add to the flavor. Interesting scaling too.

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