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Thursday, April 18, 2013 4:08:14 PM
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Friday, May 10, 2013 7:55:09 PM


Here's what happens when so called friends treat me badly, call me names, steal my property, take advantage of my generosity. When they let their ego and personal paranoia jump to conclusions about me, with out having the balls to actually confront me directly. I write a song about it. To my X-friend & collaborator, this one's for you.
Karma goes both ways... Here' a little Karma for you boy...

Written, recorded, performed and produced by Ted Lehman (ASCAP) (c) Copyright 2013 APR Music Publishing, LLC All rights reserved...

Little Man
By Ted Lehman (ASCAP) © Copyright 2013 APR MUSIC PUBLISHING LLC

Verse[A-G] Chorus [F-G-C-Am]-D Bridge[C-G]-Am

Once I knew a little man
who always had to win
he was a very petty man
who owned none of his sins

Once I knew a little man
who cheated on his wife
didn't work, slept till noon
he had an easy life

Once I knew a little man
everything about him was fake
he used every one he knew
in it for all he could take

Once I knew a little man
the truth he wouldn't say
had no guts to speak his mind
to justify his game

He thought he had all the answers
in this life, you get what you give
not the destination, but the journey
it's about the way that you live

Little Little Man

What's it like to be so arrogant
What's it like to be so vain
Does it make you feel like a Big Man
when you call me nasty names

Little Little Man
Little Little Man

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