Steve IsonShe's Come In Through The Window
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Thursday, May 30, 2013 10:58:16 PM
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Monday, September 26, 2016 3:28:02 AM
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Music/lyrics/production Steve Ison

Yeh,she's com in through the window
Yeh,she's coming through the window
I thought that i could let go
Yeh,she's come in through the window

The crowd had disappeared the lights were gone
I saw her there with her new friend

so far away from everyone
I knew i couldn't stop the end
And so i just smiled trying to pretend..

The night grew heavy as they walked away
and i thought that i was so prepared
But nothing set me for this day

with every fibre running scared
I'm gonna lose everything that we've shared

Hey and we don't wanna die
and feel that old life sliding out of view
and we can't say goodbye
Just try to hold on tight to what we knew

Gonna get the blues for love
Gonna get the blues for love
For all i never knew about love
Gonna get the blues for love
Gonna get the blues for love
There's nothing i can do my love
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Sunshine Smile..
Sunny tune -sad lyric..

well, playful, full of emotion and ambivalences...

the turntable
Master crafter of song and lyrics,If more people in todays music industry were exposed to Ison's magic, this world would be a better place, cause this is stellar writing, none better, he really should be a star and is in my eyes, such a prolific composer-arranger. Totally amazing musician and has given so much to us over the years here at iacmusic. we are lucky to have such a man in our midst.An inspiration and a model to follow in how to craft songs that have great hooks and catchy meaningful lyrics. Amazing works and he has a catalog that should be streamed often

The Talent Searcher
This sounds like classic pop rock , sorry it´s a classic

Greatest Clicks
Who hasn't gotten the blues for love at least once? Quick...shut the blinds!

Great Song, Steve! -M-

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