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Wednesday, June 26, 2013 9:46:56 PM
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Thursday, June 27, 2013 7:08:36 PM
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Just a rough first-recording of this new song. Not sure of the final arrangement yet.

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a little love song.
You must help me
I can't see in the dark
I could find you
But only by your spark
'Neath the black sky
The sparks all look the same
I am drawn by
The color of your flame
It's all I see

And in the light
I see your face
A satellite adrift in space
I want to take you to the place
Where you can shine

In the doorway
You stand behind the screen
It protects you
From all the bad you've seen
But it's flimsy
And I could reach right through
But you trust me
And I could never do
Bad things to you


And finally, the old cliche
of how the night turns into day
I guess there's nothing else to say
But, "Love,"

Song Comments

great opening verse, kinda hollies here and there...

Psyche Folk
Atmospheric acoustic song with a strong late 60s -early 70s vibe..Sweet major-minor changes with a moody verse and uplifting chorus..It almost sounds like a cool song you could've found in Eurovision from 1971...

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