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Friday, January 03, 2014 7:19:01 PM
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Friday, January 03, 2014 7:21:03 PM


Just getting back to my Blues roots. This track has a very cool vibe with all the traditional Blues trappings, played all acoustic and sung with gusto... This would be a great song for other Blues artists to cover.

Written, recorded, performed and produced by Ted Lehman (ASCAP) (c) Copyright 2014 APR Music Publishing LLC (ASCAP)

Too Many Blues
By Ted Lehman (ASCAP) © Copyright 2013 APR Music Publishing LLC

Got no house
got no shoes
got no lovin'
Got Too Many Blues

Got no bed
got no food
got no money
Got Too Many Blues

got no woman
got nothing to loose
got no place to go
Got Too Many Blues

got no car
got no muse
got too much of nothin'
Got Too Many Blues

Too Many Blues
Too Many Blues
can't seem to live without you
I got Too Many Blues

Y'know this world's got too many rules
I've been payin way too many dues
this world is filled with too many fools
I'm livin my life with too Many Blues
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