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Sunday, March 23, 2014 6:34:31 PM
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Tuesday, February 03, 2015 6:30:25 PM
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Sunshine Smile..
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Soul Invitation


steve april vocal, guitar (Melody, Lyrics)

adam reed bass, percussion
mark stein harmonies, electric piano, cello, french horns

well, the Beatles give advice in their worldwide hit, "She Loves You", so hopefully I'll play the fool and do the same here, and it strikes me, if i could do that 1/2 as good, I'd have a hit song. 1/10 as good, maybe?

Adam Reed, from Campbell, does a very nice job on the percussive side, and I wanted cellos, strings and horns, in such a way, and Mark Stein delivered.
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Music Lovers
strings, cello, french horn, harmonies, a story song...

Sunshine Smile..
Witty n charming song that actually sounds like it could've been a 60s soul hit in a different incarnation....The chorus with the reverby BVs is very cool..Lovely harmonies..Has a natural soulful quality i really like..Very enjoyable track

Soul Invitation
"strings, cello, french horn, harmonies, a story song..." music lovers

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