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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Progressive Celtic folk track featuring an ominous dark, resounding beat to reflect the impending doom and the arrival of the hag

Copyright David King (Serundalmusic)2013 all rights reserved

In the Celtic legend of The Caillech, when the Hag of Winter washes her white plaid in the Whirlpool of Coire Bhreacain, all around becomes snowy white and the wrath of winter sets in.
The Hag of Winter

The mountains are shaking
The forests waken from their sleep
All creatures are hiding
The moon and stars begin to weep

The hag of winter
Her breath is an icy gale
A vision so ghostly
She enters in a shower of hail

The hag of winter comes
It's so cold
The witch shall return again it's told

In the cauldron she washes
Her great tartan white as snow
The tempest starts howling
For three days the storm must blow

And then when it's over
The water boils with all it's might
She pulls out her tartan
And all around is snowy white

The mists rise upon the hill
The earth shakes in fear
The hag of snow and ice is here x
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Hailed by one reviewer as 'the new Clannad'; since 2006 Serundal has produced 11 full albums, two E.Ps and two singles have been released. Maxie has been a published poet since the age of fifteen, and Serundal was first born through a combination of her ideas set in poetry and David’s musical creativity. Together, born of Scottish, English and Welsh ancestry they have managed to weave together what has been described as ‘a truly magical mix of Celtic and Anglo-Saxon storytelling traditions with the energy of 21st century arrangements.' Their music has been described as ‘timeless’ ‘cinematic’ and ‘visual’ by fans.

Over The Moon Two
Happy to add another Serundal track - it's been a while and this one's marvellous.

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