StonemanDa Funkk! (Feat. Maximum Rappadelic)
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Thursday, April 24, 2014 5:14:06 PM
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Tuesday, February 03, 2015 7:39:15 PM


P-Funk song with a nostalgic flavor but a current slant

All vocals and lyrics performed by Maximum Rappadelic and all music written produced and performed by Stoneman

Got together with my long time friend Maximum Rappadelic who is a well known master of psycho funk music.
Yoooo-Hoooo ! Jambone here
! along wit Stoneman and we gon do
dis like dis hear ,i want chall 2 follow
me, sumpin like twitta ,
tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet
tweet!!.. We gon
take up My Space and yo space then
slap u in yo Face!.Book lol ! !.Dig
it chall ! everything iz on da one!.
check it out ! Excuse me we
are da Children of Da Sun, When we
come you know that we're gon bring
da one, Everybody knows dat Funk
iz heah 2 stay ( Funk is here 2 stay ! )
So come on up and listen 2 the tunes
we play!!.
A welcome 2da wonderful
world of Stoneman & Rappadelic, we
gon be Flowin through the portals of
yo head yo, Mother Popcorn on yo
brain cell, Beaten on yo ear drums
until we get a
Hydrophonicdoocomponet Eargasm
Electric Funk
Shockwaves has got you in a state of
shock ! The vibe that pulls
me in !.spread my wings and i'll fly
! (They call it One Nation ) , They
dance wit no Restriction yea ! And
they say Funk it gets Stronger as it
get's Longer yeah !
Yeah we gon be Flowin
without y'all knowing, and this is Da
Othership not 2be confused with Da
Mothership and this is Jambone and
Stonewall!!. Aye where my Booty
Bumpers at ? !.
Booty Bumpin now ! ( 6 times )
Oh No!Oh No, Help them find Da
Funkk, Help them find Da Funkk ( 4
times ) Once you Hear our Funk
Stoneman and Rappadelic ( 4 times )

All music written, produced and performed by Stoneman. All lyrics and vocals written, produced and performed by Maximum Rappadelic
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