Steve AprilGreen Rivers
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Saturday, August 16, 2014 6:53:22 PM
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Saturday, August 16, 2014 7:14:18 PM
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Folk Acoustic Americana
The Gabby Station
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Trip Poppies Radio
music is truth II


steve april vocal, guitar, fx (melody, Lyrics)

mark stein guitar, bass, percussion

composed years ago, produced recently...
Song Comments

The Gabby Station
The vocals remind me of Dylan and Tom Waits. Really cool song with some psychedelic swirling guitars too!

Trip Poppies Radio
This is a great country/folk rock track from Steve. It starts gently and slowly as all rivers do, and then builds nicely into a very enjoyable groove. The instrumentation and vocals really get you flowing down that Green River

music is truth II
I think one of Steve's best vocal works, and really well produced. top notch work brother, good energy, perfect fit. solid all through,. This is a top notch splendid song, i really dig what Steve did The song has lots of dazzling sparkling energy, and he really tuned into that track and projected his whole being into this one. Steve certainly elevated his presentation, singing and production by a mile. one of the better tunes around. great listening and certainly he immersed himself into it as it comes through as a totally genuine work and with such heart, not to say Steve's others dont, but this is different, something magical about it, its a winner

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