Ison and AprilGypsy Annie (new ver)
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Sunday, March 01, 2015 7:46:51 PM
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Sunday, March 15, 2015 7:44:01 PM
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Forest of Azure
Cup 'A Tea
Diane's Place
Sonic Delights
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steve ison melody, vocal, production, lyrics
steve april lyrics

Trumpet..Simon Lunn
Cello..Vicky Burton
Backing Vocals..Lola
Mastering..Hugh Hamilton

stellar work by steve i. melody, vocal, production, the trumpet player's performance. a golden kayak award, if memory serves.
Song Comments

Cup 'A Tea
"You are caught in the air by Gypsy Annie, timeless street artist who catches the eye and mind of Ison/April who, with their music, transport you to the summer street scene and even bedroom scene in...Mexio? You guess as the Spanish flavored horns, congas, guitar and cello send your mind spinning among the street hawkers and oblivious merchants as Annie draws you into her arms!" life after life

Sonic Delights
"The heat of the crowd propelled me onward...inna daze I heard the voice of the street-corner performer and paused, the swirl of her dress as she danced captivated me as her voice danced upon the broken noise of the scene, and then she walked away with the silent stranger in the fedora hat and dark sunglasses. I never saw her again...often I return to that heartless street corner...listening for her voice...hoping to catch even a glimpse of Gypsy Annie but am greeted only by the lonely and broken street the the day...that Summer;..oh, that Summer!" wild frontiers

Diane's Place
"Life after life after life after life..." - Nina Hagen

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