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Friday, May 29, 2015 4:52:11 AM
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Friday, May 29, 2015 4:52:29 AM
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Apocalypse Radio


sparse arrangement, acoustic guitar, distorted bass, and a tumbling beat. I thought ended up sounding a bit like Arcade Fire. Except - the solo outtro is like no one I can think of.

Joel Beaupre solo effort: words/music/recording.

It came from a des_c_r_i_p_tion of modernity from a lecture by Jay Bernstein, currently at the New School
Speak for me, I can not speak words that won't command. Feel for me, I can not feel what I understand. See for me, I can not see. My mind blinds my eyes. Hear for me, I can not hear sounds for the signs. Our other mechanical mother, we're so numb and incomplete. Buckled in and suckling. A tiny screen for a teat keeps us asleep while cops haunt the street. But you can't speak for me, you too only speak words that command. You can't feel for me, you too can not feel what you understand. You can't see for me, you too can not see. Your mind blinds your eyes. You can't hear for me. You too can not hear sounds for the signs. Our other mechanical mother, a child of yours weeps. It's so secure it's dying. A safety so complete, it's lacking heat, while the homeless burn in the street.
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Apocalypse Radio
Our Other Mechanical Mother... is Welcome At The Apocalypse. -M-

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