Bae TigreWe Will Go
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Friday, June 26, 2015 10:33:46 AM
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Friday, June 26, 2015 10:38:02 AM
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Written & produced by Ranelle Johnson
Cello- Addison Wasson
Viola- Alex Galle-From

Mixed by Wesley Opus & Ranelle Johnson
Mastered by Wesley Opus

Keyboards/drums/strings recorded by Ranelle Johnson
Vocals recorded by Wesley Opus

I have seen the forecast and my mom's dressed in black
The books have told her babies always ride in back
But she wanted me to see the show
We got in the car and headed towards the grey..
We were headed towards the great unknown
When we reached the end we found that we are all alone
When we go.

I've invited protesters, they're fighting to make history
And the drifters, wanderers..they're living life for the journey
And we'll write a book before we go
We will write a book so that we have something..
We will have something that we can show
Some proof that we have lived a life before we go
We will go...
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they got the stuff
There's a big beautiful bird you can only see in the midst of the jungle. So colorful.

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