Soho SqThe Frozen Detail of Your Heart
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Monday, August 10, 2015 5:55:58 AM
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Tuesday, August 11, 2015 5:21:38 AM
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Over The Moon
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Jazz-lite verse chords, building to major key chorus, major mid and guitar break - strong rhythmic build, Hammond flavours in the mix... basically, something for everyone!

vocals - Liv H
instruments - Barry Horrocks
words & music - Barry Horrocks

First person female narrative, looking back through (print) photos at a broken relationship.
Just look at you with your face in my hair, it's a scene built to last
Then cheek to cheek in some photo booth where, not a shadow was cast
And hand in hand on a beach with some friends, not a care in the world
Not a sign all good things surely end, and you're with some other girl
Every little frozen detail of your heart is there
Every little frozen detail of your heart, if I care
Here's one more intimate scene from abroad, for whatever it's worth
We found that restaurant, set by by the shore, and you promised the Earth
Look at you and that look in your eyes, but then looks can deceive
Did I not know you could so well disguise, getting ready to leave?
Every little frozen detail...
Every now and then, I can stumble on pictures of the way things used to be
And that's when I remember how the camera always lied for you and me
Here's one of me on my own, looking lost, you're just a few feet away
Probably one of the best of your shots, says what words couldn't say
Maybe it's best in this digital age, snaps stay zeroes and ones
Nobody bothers to print out a page, once the moment has gone
Every little frozen detail...
Song Comments

they got the stuff
the singer warms me with every breath.

Over The Moon
How good to find a new UK group here! I really enjoyed this poppy track - lovely clear vocals and lyrics are very refreshing to hear!

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