Father TimeToo Stupid (the birth control anthem)
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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The Best of Time's
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I saw today, I saw today on a morning talk show
They brought out a bunch of teenage mothers
sat em down in a long row
Later on, they had some younger yet on Geraldo
and I thought ..

They were too stupid to use a rubber
Oh too stupid to use a rubber
He stuck it in, he stuck it in and the feeling took over
You'll see one more casual kid crawlin' into this world

Oh, the girl with the lollipop wanted to be a mother
but the sorry life they're forced to live,
that kid will never recover
and before she could solve that problem,
now she's gonna have another
and another fucked up kid's a comin' into this world
2, 4, 6, 8 fucked up kids takin' over this world

Hey, who's to say that child'll grow up
to lead a life of crime ?
But I gotta tell ya buddy, I'll take that bet
3 kids soon runnin' wild are born
for every one that's raised
and with that kind of ratio,
what kinda world you gonna get ?

Were you too stupid ?
It was thunder and lightning
I tell ya it don't take no brains
to be doin' the wild thing
Oh, and I for one don't wanna see what the stork brings
when another demon sets foot upon this world

You were too stupid
That's why I'm tryin' to school ya
So stupid
That's why I ridicule ya

She was too stupid (stupid) to make him wear a rubber
She's so stupid (stupid)
she believes that he loves her
("Well, that's what he told me")
She's not halfway close to even bein'
remotely able to comprehend
the gist of what it means to know
the slightest thing about tryin' to be a mother
Hey, where is the father ("Yeah, where is he ?")

He was too stupid to use a rubber
Oh, he likes to do it raw, then he won't even call her
He's a dawg now, dawg now, only wanted to ball her
Whoops, another fatherless child thrown into this world
a lot of degenerate kids doin' time in this world

I'm not talkin' 'bout the so very few
who manage to manage
Oh, I'm talkin' 'bout most of you,
your lives filled with anguish
It don't help you've been here all your life,
still can't speak the language
("I'm only tellin' the troof")
and I gotta believe when they tell me
"Don't go down that street"
Yeah, they tell me if I go to a certain neighborhood, I'm dead meat

multiply like rabbits . .

Got drunk now, drunk now, did the Love Me Tender
So drunk now you don't even remember
What did you do ?
Well, now she is due, she's due in December
and a perpetrator is born, brought up in that world
and one more woman wishes she'd stayed a little girl

She was too stupid, she wanted to hook him (hook him)
So stupid but I guess she mistook him
(I guess she mistook him)
Now that you got yourself knocked up,
well who's gonna book ? Him
Oh your plan didn't work out too good
and you gotta decide
but in neither of your 2 choices do you end up a bride

They were too stupid to use a rubber
They both have a parttime job
but they don't get enough hours
Pull it out, you couldn't pull it out
and she wanted the power
over some poor innocent child
that shoulda never been born
and not far from the tree falls another acorn
So stupid x
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The Best of Time's
the birth control anthem.

Apocalypse Radio
Yes, the Stupid TOO will learn... from The Apocalypse! -M-

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