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Friday, October 09, 2015 1:39:25 PM
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The gripping, grooving opening to Minda Lacy's first solo album "Owl Faces" on Olympia-based Outfield Records.

Vocals - Minda Lacy
Guitar - Minda Lacy
Bass - Matt Fearon
Drums - Scott Anderson

Written by Minda Lacy
Recorded by Lazlo Steele
Mixed by Lazlo Steele
Mastered by Gabriel Talamantes
Produced by Lazlo Steele and Minda Lacy


I was sitting today
In a little place in Montauk just listening to the waves
Something in the air seems a little strange
Either something in my mind
Or the world just kind of changed

{ Must have dropped something running from the rain
And I know I’ve never really been completely sane
But a piece of solidity melted from my brain
I don’t know what but something’s gone
Must have lost another piece of my head
Must have lost another piece of my head
Must have lost another piece of my head}

Come on back mister Jones
I’ve seen you lurking ‘round a couple songs
And I think I’ve seen your face before
When I stared mindlessly at the open door
When everything about myself just couldn’t be found
No one really knows what’s going down
No one really knows what’s going down


I’ve been silent for too long
I may have forgotten how to speak
But if I stare at you for long enough
My mind just might spring a leak
‘cause words they seem so empty now
you cough them up and they fall right on the ground
you spend your time scribbling on the silence
just for the sake of making sound
just for the sake of making sound

Song Comments

Two-step-like folkish piece helmed by fresh (and great) vocalist.

they got the stuff
Joan Baez wishes she did a song this good in the last 20 years.

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