Model SlavesThe Mongrels
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Wednesday, October 14, 2015 6:12:41 AM
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Monday, March 05, 2018 10:06:55 AM
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The Mongrels is the A side of Model Slaves' double-single The Giants.

Recorded and engineered at Hell's Kitchen Studio by Tomeu Janer July 2015.

All music played by Model Slaves. Guitar, keyboard and banjo by Moncho Martín, guitar by David García, drums by Pep Lluís Palmer, bass and vocals by Víctor Palacios.

The Mongrels is a story of two races mixing on Mars before nuclear holocaust obliterates humankind from good old Planet Earth.
I was told we came in rockets
Davy Crocketts
Beaten and lone
Looking for gold
Dead to the bone

When the Martian dust subsided
We found loved ones
Waiting for us
Glad you’re all back
Nice cup of tea

Flowers were brought to their graves
Filled with remembered remains
Foreign to Martian terrain
Earthlings that died far away

It still felt good to be bound
To those empty holes in the ground
Filled with remembered remains

So he spoke
Musing in his rocking chair
Curling his hands in my hair
Locks of smoke
echoed the words from his lips

There was a time when we were Earthlings
Mining mirage
Now we’ve all changed mixing our blood with the foe
We became dust eyed and bold
Smashed up the radio controls

Song Comments

Over The Moon
Oh yes - proper Indie music - loving it! "Filled with remembered remains......." oh yes. yes. yes.

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