SwingsetThe Human Mind (part 1) [acoustic]
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Sunday, November 01, 2015 9:37:54 AM
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Sunday, November 01, 2015 9:40:58 AM
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This is a solo acoustic version of a Swingset song performed by Tim Kish

Written and performed by Tim Kish

The Human Mind (part 1)

A students mind is meant for suckin up facts
and if they do their best then they can never relax
There’s always more to learn one thing is never the last
And then they don’t look up in fear of looping the past
But they do… and this too… is true of all of us
Under any cycle that we choose

A junky’s mind is good at pulling tricks
When thoughts can be so real they feel like stones and sticks
To help them find the truth they turn to shovels and picks
But are they diggin up out or diggin deeper in pits?
If you knew… that this too… was true of all of us
Then you’d admit to the drug that found you! …can you?

A sinner’s mind can win an angels heart
And as she makes him feel she’ll feel him tear it apart
Then on her own deathbed she’ll say how he was so smart
“He had the light of the sun beneath a real bad start”
If she knew… that this too… was true of all of us
Under all the bad things that we do… she’d love you too
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they got the stuff
manic glimpses of madness within the music, meanwhile the singer knows exactly what's going on and takes all the chutes and ladders like a true champ.

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