Father TimeBobby Delaney
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Saturday, November 21, 2015 1:48:19 PM
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Friday, April 29, 2016 1:50:04 PM


produced by Dave Morris

Bobby Delaney
Remember Bobby Delaney
Yeah if he'd given her just a little bit of respect
I expect
he would have another trophy
and they would have to call his name out loud
for all of his buddies to hear

Bobby Delaney
What happened to Bobby Delaney ?
Well he forgot in the biggest way possible who was the boss
and it cost
cause he got tossed out of his element
the only place that he was king
at least that is what he once thought

You should've kissed the ring
not tried to run the show
Who invited you ?
It wasn't long ago
The rules were all laid down
but you were so deluded
The party's goin' strong
Now you are not included

Bobby Delaney
Poor ol Bobby Delaney
He rolled down the hill right when he was comin' into his own
He was thrown
Sure he just might key your car later on
Hey that's not gonna bring back what he lost
restore the proud reign of his face, oh yeah

You should've known your place
not tried to jump the gun
If you had paid your dues
you would've been the one
Pushed your luck and why ?
Assumptions you were makin'
cause you thought you could
Turns out you were mistaken

Bobby Delaney
What happened to Bobby Delaney ?
What happened to Bobby Delaney ?
What happened to Bobby Delaney ?
What happened to Bobby Delaney ?
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