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Wednesday, December 23, 2015 1:04:34 PM
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Thursday, December 24, 2015 9:26:20 AM
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Sandman's Songbirds
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A song I wrote for the music group Theme Music on Facebook for the Memory Hole Theme. I wrote the music and lyrics and my dear friend Jonny Daly created the guitar bed and helped me with the verse and melody. I then had an amazing rest of the band create the most extraordinary tracks. Mark McCrite did vocals, played bass and mixed the vocals. Erik Ostrom played keys, and Lee Wiggins played drums and percussion.
I wrote the lyrics in Wolof, English and French.

Jonny Daly Guitars and Mix, Mark McCrite vocals, bass and vocal mix, Erik Ostrom, Keys, and Lee Wiggins, Percussion and Drums.

A watery journey to reclaim my spiritual sovereignty.
The River of Forgetfulness
Damai Dem Sii Soof (I’m going down to see)
Dina Xaam Dex Bu Rafet (I will know the beautiful River)
Dexu Waay Ma, Suma Yaram, Dai Dow Legi
(The River sings me, my soul, is moved now and beyond)

I’m floating down to see
Where they make the unknown known
I can’t deny the thoughts that try to
Drag me away from soul

Dina Santa Naat Sii Biir La Dex ( I will give praise and be prosperous inside the river)
Dina Xaam suma yaram, duma fattaay ( I will know my soul and will not forget)
Bula Neexa Dina La Feey ( If you want, I will own myself)
Suma Aduna Dafa Fess Xoll ( My life is full of heart)
I will awake from the

River of Forgetfulness
And the deep draught of oblivion
With the grace of remembrance
Aspreges Moi

All that’s concealed is revealed
And my world within awakens
The plain of Lethe will cease to phase me
It’s murmuring waters will recede

As the spiritual amnesia subsides
The Stream of awareness flows far and wide
I’ll swim the somatic tides of time
Water holds the memories of life

I will awake
Mangi Laay Feey Ndox Suma Xoll (I am paying with the waters of my heart)
The River of Forgetfulness
Suma Yaram Dai Dow Riir Sa Ndox ( My Soul is full inside your waters)

Mangi Genta Ba Chug Goodi Laay Koi Yangal
( I dream during the day and stir my dreams into being at night with the stars)
Song Comments

Sandman's Songbirds
A brilliant, imaginative tune with a rather impressive band! Heather takes us on a sonic voyage here, ending up just where it all began. Mesmerizing, hypnotic, and simply beautiful!

Over The Moon
I'm VERY curious as to why this song is in Wolof - tribal language from Senegal - lovely, mystical lyrics and a charming track!

Mystery Too
Really beautiful song with lovely guitar work and sweet vocals in variety of languages bringing mystery to I M P well done Heather

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