Father TimeAwakening Day
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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A Music Box
The Best of Time's
The Quieter Side of Father Time


the real genre for this is rehab rock

Awakening day
Has it finally come ?
I don't know, but for once we are makin' some time
The view out the window seems clearer than ever before
but I won't be waiting around for awakening day
'cause we've gotten much further along before losin' our way
Yeah, that's what I say

Are you prepared for awakening day ?
Well, I'm glad to hear it, but here is the rub
There's resolve in your voice
but your words don't quite ring true to me
You crave as you patiently wait for awakening day
and as long as the fruit's still forbidden, you might go astray
Hope you do okay

Watching the world pass us by like the scenery
in the background of an old TV show
I've seen that same street corner newsstand again and again
Yeah, here it comes now !

Awakening day
I've got something to hide
my life from myself, that would be a good start
If I could forget all the things that I couldn't quite learn
then I might be ready to say it's awakening day
but when you're alone in the night, the past won't go away
and that's why I play

I'm not gonna wait for awakening day x
Song Comments

A Music Box
upbeat start, creative instrumentation, flute-y, w digressions and an out-there lead, quirky, why not, confessional, yearning...

The Best of Time's
rehab rock, it's a strange damn song.

The Quieter Side of Father Time
rehab rock.

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