Father TimeThis Stupid War
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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additional vocals by Jillianne Wright

We were given false pretenses
to allow Bush to do his thing
Use that power to invade a country
and thus, folks this song I sing

I despise this stupid war
makes me angry to the fuckin core
In Iraq, no weapons of mass destruction
hey, no Al Queda were around before

Our country did stand for right
Now we're hated round the world cause we like to fight
and the liars who we voted in
sent Petraus to put out a spin

The surge is working, casualties are down
The surge objectives nowhere to be found
In September we'll reassess
the current state of such a hopeless mess

How I loathe this stupid war
9-11 wasn't calling for
attacking countries on a fuckin whim
No, Dubya's daddy, it was done for him

Now the Iraqis don't want us there
The rest of the world don't want us there
The American people don't want us there
Bush and Cheney and McCain want to keep us there

Strategic interests in the middle east
Gas prices risin, hey we're gettin' fleeced
Tap our phones now to catch a terrorist
Osama Bin Laden is the one we missed.

Only 1.3 trillion bucks
So far it cost us 1.3 trillion bucks
We don't have health care and the schools just suck
Trick house foreclosure, guess you're outa luck

I detest this stupid war
Now there's 4000 dead, there'll be many more
and for what, if you think you know
then you're a moron watchin a puppet show

More motivation for the suicide bombs
Whole cultures hate us now but we got Saddam
Children grow up with America their enemy
Do you feel safer? Well that's your fantasy.

Now they're selling a war in Iran
Another convoluted war coming in Iran
Oh Bush and Cheney, they have big plans
Into the sniper fire from the frying pan

How I hate these stupid wars
Bring back the volunteers for a couple more tours
Spend all tax dollars on this dumb agenda
with no intentions to ever end it

Stay the course, motherfucker stay the course
Shock and awe, wow, what a show of force
You called it Mission accomplished in 2003
Wake up asshole, this ain't no victory

Stay the course, mother fucker stay the course
All those kids dying and you have no remorse
Any justification is a thing of the past
So take your god damn wars and shove em up your ass

this stupid war
this stupid war
this stupid war this
this stupid war
This stupid war
this stupid war
this stupid war this
this stupid war x
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