Father TimeOld 22
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM


a song about a highway that runs across the state of Pennsylvania

produced by Karl Frick

Hey, one day this used to be a thriving little highway
but now you don't see any cars for miles
The motels are abandoned and the billboards faded white
That interstate came and I guess they lost all business overnight, oh oh

Old 22 - there's nothin' you can do son
to save the family enterprise
Out on 83 there's a big highrise now
Old 22 - the rabbits in the stew son
You better cut your losses, go and get a job in town
a job in town

Hey, one day this used to be the town's best bowling alley
but now it is unable to compete
The new one has a fancy bar, the scores computerized
Sometimes when a brand new business thrives another business dies
oh oh

Old 22 - I put the blame on you, son
You wanted things to stay the same
Before you know it, tomorrow came, son
Old 22 - Red ink and now you're through, son
If you're lucky they'll remember for awhile what used to be here
which somehow slipped away from you

What happened to the big drive in ?
What happened to the diner ?
What happened to the days of mom and pop
I know that those were better times despite what we've been taught
replacing things that came for free with things that must be bought
oh oh

Interstate 81
The chains are all you know, son
You never saw the old downtown
Never saw the records spin around, son
Interstate 81
The damage has long been done son
It's time you face the fact that things will never be the same
but nonetheless, it's still a shame x
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