Aeon's PromiseHear The Sound
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Monday, February 01, 2016 5:58:17 PM
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Tuesday, November 10, 2020 12:47:31 AM
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tHe gArAgE
James Laurent/Restless Spirit


an eclectic blend of flamenco,classical, and blues in a dreamy supernatural call to Christ.

journey to hear the Sound of God calling in your heart through Jesus
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tHe gArAgE
Some serious guitar chops going on here and sweet vibe very proficient the intro is lovely, then the retro groove rock vibe begins and I am taken back to the 70's this is more alt retro rock then blues. I like the tune, although that competing synth distracts from the whole experience of staying with the vocals, which are outstanding. I would drop that synth or modify it so it is not so prevalent and dominating the tune. squeaky high pitch thing tales away from the whole experience. overall, nice work

James Laurent/Restless Spirit
Yes Great....

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