Father TimeOld Fury
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM


This is a song about my first car, it was on my first CD. I had a friend named Banker, a great fan of indie music, who would always request it.

I was lookin' thru a scrapbook from my mother's vestibule
when a polaroid showed up - I had no idea that it was there
Oh, the first car that I owned and a wave passed over me
like my foot was on the floor and I didn't have a care

Just a silver Plymouth Fury
68 or 9 - Who knows ?
I heard it once could've been a police car
but that big boat still could fly
It sure could fly

I would fill it up with gas, at last escaping from the house
and from that time on, you know, I was never stuck at home again
We would ride around in circles all around that dog-ass town
and the world only existed for our scene, me and my friends

Just a beat-up Plymouth Fury
zoomin' down the Old York Road
Got it up over a hundred
chasin' that red Ford Fairlane
thru the great night sky

Just a no frills Plymouth Fury
still my all time favorite car
Hey, I got 8 miles a gallon out on route 74
but the gas was cheap

Gotta wonder where it's at now - in a junkyard left to die
or recycled as the years go by - a little bit like me
but I know I'd recognize it if it passed me on the road
Would my old friends recognize the person I turned out to be ?

I have looked for that old fury
Feel it comin' back to me
like a letter that I mailed out
without a stamp
a long time ago x
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