Monicka Ferens21st Century
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the song about the battles we're going through in this century.

Monica Ferens

It's funny actually, I was writing a different song and I ran out of ideas, so I decided to take a break. I grabbed the guitar and came up with the theme and so I started writing the melody and 1 hour later I wrote this song.
Man enters the room with girls and look how he's gratified
Girl enters the room with boys and look how she's terrified
Long story short, this is 21st century

if you look back in retrospect, you'll see what people fought for
everything's the same, still destroyers try to save the world
'cause peace we deserve in 21st century

they say you're a killer but they'll be the first to kill ya
then misinterpret the law to support their agenda

this is our world
oh home sweet home

Shout out for 21st century 2x

I'll do my best to tell you that you should be yourself
so here's the list of dos and dont's s and socially accepted traits
be who you are but on terms of 21st century

pain is one and day by day somebody has a close shave
don't teach my daughters to beware but teach your sons to behave
so no one's afraid of anyone anymore

night is bright from the light of black house that's on fire
you could've saved them all, but you chose the catcalling choir


I love you but I must be celibate in my appreciation
the purest form of respect becomes another appropriation
I'm already tired and oh god, it's just the start

pray to whichever God to stop this wave of malice
dehumanization, broken justice, this is madness

[Chorus] x
Song Comments

Eve's Chosen Few
absolutely spectacular and sophisticated song, great lyrics, a new and important voice, I love this so much!!!

laidback rhythms into a dynamic chorus, engagin' vocal, the backing vocal's stellar, awesome storytellin', culture, kudos...

laidback rhythms into a dynamic chorus, engagin' vocal, the backing vocal's stellar, awesome storytellin', culture, kudos...

IMPs Premier Singer-Songwriters
A different, and important, new voice

Music I Like
Love her voice and the beat...

International IMP Artists
DeMonicka is a new artist here with a number of excellent tunes, 21st Century is beautifully arranged and performed, sweet vocals,clear lyrics, she has collaborated with international musicians, from Croatia, Spain, Greece and UK

TonyGirl's Favorites
This is kind of weird. At first I didn't like this that much to be honest but as I listened to this I started to like it more. This one was on a same Lady Voices of Indie dmd like I was with Murdering Lights.

2016 Golden Kayak Nominees!

Apocalypse Radio
...a Fine Work! ...thought-provoking ...contemplative. -M-

...a Fine Work! ...thought-provoking ...contemplative. -M-

America Destroyed... (an Inside Job)
...a Fine Work! ...thought-provoking ...contemplative. -M-

Radio Free Europe
Bielsko-Biala Slaskie POLAND - Excellent moody melancholic quirky pop song..Love the groove, ace piano riff ,fab vocals and intelligent lyrics..The little exploding chorus is perfect for it too..Excellent track :)

Eve's Special Reserve
DeMonicka just won Best Female Artist, is that the greatest or what? :D

Music Monsters
FEATURED FEMALE ARTIST - 2016 GOLDEN KAYAK WINNERS - BEST FEMALE ARTIST & BEST SONG, POP. DeMonicka! Monicka, I have just been turned on to this incredible indie music community this week and have read all about you. Now that I have personally heard and listened with both ears wide open, I concur with both awards 100%! I will be hearing a lot more from you in the days ahead! Thanks again Evie and Monicka!

Cincy Cat's Top 40
Really cool sound and what a voice! I will be checking more of DeMonicka's music soon.

RKR - Rhythm Kings Radio
Haunting and dynamic, and this young lady can sing. There's a reason this won 'Best Pop Song Of 2016.'

eYe 4 eye 4 eYe 4
Skilled songcrafting .compelling lyrics .wonderful treatments throughout.vocals are especially amazing.well woven content .so believable stellar production and well thought out instrumentation.special!!eYe dig

Music Lovers
a charmin' vocal, and tasteful instrumentation, a foundation for a subterranean narrative stream, with emotion, breaks out into a big, catchy chorus, kinda a youthful "gates of eden," that everyone could relate to, 'shout out 21st century,' kudos...

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