Monicka FerensDead Asleep
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Thursday, May 19, 2016 7:57:38 AM
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Thursday, May 19, 2016 7:58:59 AM
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Branded with iron and chains as bracelets
Should I see my scars as tattoes?
And everytime I drown in tears
I have to surface in someone else's life

I provide nourishment for my soul
and I am still starving hard

and night is calling out
hear screaming in the dark
night lamps go off
and I'm getting lost
'cause this is a land where no one grows old
and we slowly die in our sleep
dead asleep

Dressed up in fear
and supplied with trauma
I penetrate every shadow in my room
I'll cast it on love that submerges me
so I surface in someone else's hate

I'm immersing myself in my inner peace
but it's a pyrrhic victory

and night's still calling out

close your eyes and go to sleep, my dear
you want all your troubles to disappear
but sleep won't come and you can't fight the fear
stay awake and night will come for you x
Song Comments

Eve's Chosen Few
This could be my theme song. Sleep is my best friend.

Eve's Special Reserve
I wish I slept more but there's always a music party goin' on it seems.

Music Monsters
Hi Monicka! It is high time I have added a few more of your songs. After all, you are one of two of my featured female artists! I had an urgent need for more of your sweet voice and groovy music before this station reaches 100 songs. Dead Asleep, eh? That sounds just like me except for right now when I am Live Awake at 1:30 AM!

Heavy Rotation Archive
Clean, pure and powerful voice, great backing, big beat, outstanding songwriting.

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