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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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A song aimed at people who are under the influence snd control of another person who has no business controlling them.

Write and preformed by Trez, Produced by CK Productions

This is a song I wrote about my ex who I was in an abusive and controlling relationship with years ago and even though I've left him a long time ago he still tries to control me as we have a daughter together.
Is Nothin I do right,
Accordin to you I'm wrong,
Always try'na beat me down, down,
Fighting to stay strong.

When he calls,
Tellin me what I can and can't do, Oh I,
I wanna scream out loud x2
This is my life,
I'll do whatever I want to x2.

I just wanna live my life,
Live my life my way,
Without takin all your rules,
I just wana be happy, & free.

Verse 2.
All I've done through the years,
All the battles all the tears,
Sorry don't mean a thing,
When I still live in fear, I.



Can you tell me,
Should I stand up for myself or give in,
Can you help me,
What the hell should I do,
Could I do to be free oh......I

I just wana live my life,
Live my life my way,
Without taking all your rules,
I just wana be happy, and free,
I just wana live my life,
Without doin all you say,
I just wana live my life,
My life, my way. x
Song Comments

Eve's Magical Ride
Trez just wants to live her life her way. Where are these incredible singer/songwriters coming from? This is the whole package, this could be the theme of some great movie.

Eve's Special Reserve
Trez is so cool, she's like the girl in school you wish you could hang out with.

TonyGirl's Favorites
Reminds me of Dido without being a copycat. I like the strong feelings. It's real and it's empowering. I can truly relate.

This Just In
Super vocals, songwriting craft, production

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