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Wednesday, November 02, 2005 8:19:35 AM
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Saturday, October 06, 2007 10:34:36 PM
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One for the independent musician

Maria Daines/Paul Killington

From our next album 'Boneyard' release pencilled in early 2006, this track will also be available on compilation via dmusic any day now, details and title to follow.
Hey I got this song came right outa my head
I try to put it out there's no gap in the fence
I got a sneaky feelin' somethin' ain't right here
The corporation giants ain't got listenin' ears

I try to be better than a bedroom band
I try to grab attention anyway I can
I know I got the soul I just ain't got the cash
N' someone at the top there is countin' a stash

Business ain't music
Music ain't money
Use it or lose it
You guys ain't funny

Is that all you want, to keep your pockets lined?
You don't get this one, this song's mine,
To keep the beat in my indie soul,
Gonna fill my heart with rock n' roll


Hey I heard about a guy lost all his rights
He sold his songs for a pitiful price
He's livin' in a shack in a room with no view
Playin' his guitar just for somethin' to do
He wrote a mean tune but they sewed him up,
It went around the world makin' millions a' bucks
The money boys made him sign on the line
Now he owes them every inch of his time

Business ain't music
Music ain't money
Use it or lose it
You guys ain't funny
Bad thievin' bitches
You got it comin'
You and your riches
We're sick a' runnin'


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Song Comments

Streaming Country
Special Mention Non-Country Song: My last pick (for now) by Maria Daines. Obviously, I really like her stuff. This is a great rocking song. Terrific lyrics about the way it is in the music industry. Thanks for penning this one Maria and Paul.

The Talent Searcher
Wow , the free treatise on independent music. Read the lyrics,print them, put it on your door and meditate on it when your music is rejected cause the lyrics are not commercial or your music sounds like a baroque piece. Freedom !!!

Gli amici di Dario
Maria Daines is a wonderful artist, who can give emotions with her beautiful voice. But Maria is the artist on IAC more involved in humanitarian fights and she has an amazing energy. But there's another reason to include her in my friends: her hometown is Cambridge, UK, the hometown of two of my musical idols, Roger Waters and Syd Barrett!!! I selected this song among all her beautiful songs, because it's for all of us Indie Artists.

Wow! Nice guitar playing..and incredible voice!...

Surf's Up
That's for sure

belting out some rich lyrical truths

bluesy and cool

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