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Tuesday, November 08, 2016 11:59:49 AM
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Heavy Rotation
Letters to the Dead
Auf der gleichen Wellenlänge
Scenes From Palacio
Acid Rain
Render Unto Little Caesar
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-I was born as innocent as you
and I´m guilty like the rest
I´ve always wonder how a Little
Devil (evil) like me is aloud in Paradise
-All the sinners are invited to the limb
my good said : ”you are welcome here”
to be free, free of sin , free
+It feels so good to be bad
I feel so bad when I´m good
Is it you?or is it me?
Whoose getting closer to the other(s) side
-There is light after all the dark
you kill me with your lies
I dare you to throw the first Stone
You can judge me hypocrite
-I confesed all my sins
I ´ve nothing to hide
It´s my human side
Ready for the trial to start
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Another really intense song by these 2. She sings like Blondie on this one. I love it!

Heavy Rotation
As another station said, the vocalist sounds like Blondie on this one. Atmospheric and emotional song, very cool.

Scenes From Palacio
Great quirky leftfield pop..Sultry singing and an uneasy sleaze -inflected neon lit vibe..All swirley vox ,bluesy 7th chords and Tarantino licks..Cool track

2016 Golden Kayak Nominees!

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