Mindless HopeCaught in the Truth
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Thursday, July 21, 2016 7:58:26 PM
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Saturday, April 22, 2017 12:14:08 AM
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Matt Grosse - Producer, Engineer, Guitars, Bass, and drum programming.

Mark David - Lyrics - Vocals

David Elliott III - Vocals

Caught in a truth that’s threatening me
Planning to wreck and hinder me
Salt on a wound that’s festering
Continues to burn while coming clean

Facing the guilt the truth creates and it still stings

Forcing a smile that hides the pain
Insurance for all your vicious claims
Caught in the truth the only gain

Pointless to accept the blame of what you accuse
Suffer through this, put my head through the noose
Now you leave me hanging while you keep on singing
Bout your righteousness leading to happiness

Hiding the lies your truth conceals defies the logic the truth reveals
So start to think about shedding the lies and set the truth free

Realizing how these desperate tricks are deceiving those closest to me
And they listen. They swallow every word that you say. They’re helpless. They believe.

Smile and nod, follow your lead. I’m locked in a cage that you create.
Suffer your deeds of pure intent, all while spinning a yarn of malcontent
Start breaking the chains that I’ve been in. Releasing the demons deep within.
All of your lies you thought were true get thrown in your face and start to bruise.

Despise the lies of this truth I must hide, unspoken rules to which I abide
Justified is my surprise when you deny the proof before your eyes
Such a shame to play this game, the objects change they’re never quite the same
Hard to tame what you can’t contain, so insane it’s happening all again
Reflections of perceptions are blurring the lines of reality
Contorting, distorting all these images that flood your vision
You’re complaining and straining to keep your virtuous side from staining
Misconceive thoughts to deceive of the truth that you refuse to believe

Excuses said to disguise a myriad of truthful lies
Suspicion through the roll of your eyes leaves little hope to compromise

Don’t know what to say, don’t know where to begin
Everything you’ve said I’ve shrugged it off with a grin
Your topsy-turvy world spins out of control
The aces in your hand you no longer hold
Someone tells you something and you take it as fact
When I tell you something different it just rolls off your back
Start to stand my ground I face you alone
Caught in the truth these chains are broke

I’m free now, do you finally believe?
A hidden flaw you did not see, a prejudice you should remedy

Time’s a fickle thing that ticks evenly onward
How about a choice that’ll let us move forward?
Gonna choose the lie that’ll pump up your pride?
Or will you accept the truth of which I hide?

It’s your decision to make, how much time will you take?
Free your mind before you decide, weigh all the facts and look inside
Blinded by what you’re convinced to be true, creates the illusion surrounding you
You made up your mind, it didn’t take long. Here’s my response now you look, then I’m gone

Don’t know what to say don’t know where to begin
Had as much as I can have no more patience to give
Breaking all these chains has left me starving and thin
My life’s not yours, you will not win
Choking on your lies suffocating not breathing
When the body dies this life will mean nothing
Believing all these lies has led to your suffering
So take your lies and catch this truth x
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