negative tendenciesNothing To Fear
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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The Best of Time's
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song written by Scott Stambaugh Produced and Drums by Dave Latchaw. Bass and additional guitars by Jonny Vee

Sittin' here waitin' for the day to begin
Is that the sun coming from behind the clouds?
Been thinkin' bout tomorrow for the dreams, schemes
but it seems today is gonna last awhile

Time, time, is it on my side? I don't wanna know
Our demand is greater than our supply
Been thinkin' bout the moments, all the ones that we spent
Gotta catch the second hand before it goes by

There is nothing to (Nothing to Fear)
As long as you're (as long as we're here)
There is nothing to (Nothing to Say)
We're gonna make it thru another day

People are getting in the way, what can I say?
Stuck in one season forever it seems
Feelin' sorry but why should I worry?
They have whatever is left of their dreams

Dollar sign, sign the bottom line, and in time the kid is gone
cause adult didn't leave a space
No real harm to set the alarm but
too much fear will stay on your face


All our fantasies combined couldn't touch the truth
Timeless love, some kind of eternal youth

Well you better keep your mind free (Easy to see)
All that pressure, you need to unwind (Everything is fine)
Yes you can never worry again, maybe then
by looking ahead you can leave it behind
Yes it's true you can start anew, get away to
any old place with a different view
Can you report to the courtesy desk, please
There's a lost soul belonging to you

Song Comments

Noises and melodies
Surprisingly positive and fresh! Me likey the raw soundscape.

The Best of Time's
No real harm to set the alarm but too much fear will stay on your face

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