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Saturday, July 30, 2016 4:03:33 PM
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Saturday, July 30, 2016 4:04:01 PM
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Original Classic Rock



She’s just a girl who likes to hang.
A girl who can provide.
The gang don’t like no hanger ons.
So she takes ‘em for a ride.

Hoodrat, a hoodrat baby,
looking to hang with the gang.
Hoodrat, a hoodrat yeah,
now she knows how big is the bang!

Found her friends just down the street.
They said they liked her fine.
She’s off the track and can’t get back.
Now her life is on the line.

She once was pretty, oh so fine,
gave the teachers a smile.
Now she’s lost most everything,
livin’ the gangsta style.


Some call ‘em the brotherhood,
the boyz, the bloods, the tribe.
Wait and see just what’s in store
and how long you’ll be alive.

(final refrain)
Hoodrat, a hoodrat baby,
hookin’ up now with the gang
Hoodrat, a hoodrat yeah,
livin’ to die with a bang!
Hoodrat, a hoodrat baby,
gangin’ up with a bang!
Hoodrat, a hoodrat yeah,
now she knows how big is the bang! x
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