William BrooksYou Barely See Me
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Saturday, August 20, 2016 9:30:33 AM
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Wednesday, November 02, 2016 9:39:29 AM
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Bobbi & Clyde


A mesmerizing Brooklyn waltz from the album, Silent Wings. Featuring Baron Raymonde (Bruce Springsteen, Rod Stewart, Levon Helm) on Saxophone and Peter Adams (Carly Simon, Julianna Hatfield, Tracy Bonham) on piano and organ.

Lyric Credits brooks/markaity
Music Credits brooks/markaity
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Breaking hearts wandering down broken streets.
You Barely See Me
Raining Vilolet Music(SESAC)
Three Candles and a Cross Music (BMI)

I'm wasted on Ninth Street
I'm dodging these parked cars
I'm feeling like a dog in the rain.
I threw us a funeral and you hardly noticed
Some things they never change
They just get real strange
Like you barely see me.

Halfway down your block
I'm stabbed by a memory
Of a promise
That I'd never leave
I thought I could shock you
I prayed I could change you
Turn you by the smallest degrees
Even down on my knees
But you barely see me

I gave up on your church
Temporary redemption
The latch and the key were too high
I screamed in your face
But you did not seem phased
And you just let me slip by
Oh slip by

I'm screaming at shadows
I'm swinging at echoes
I fumble the change in my hand
And you barely see me
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Seeing is not believing...hearing is

gritty ballad, w a kickin' sax, natural-born storytellin', kudos...

a movin' chronicle, many vivid details, with a kickin' sax solo, and a rockin' bridge...

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