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Thursday, November 15, 2018 2:16:02 AM
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Thursday, November 15, 2018 2:19:06 AM
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Our boy reveals his happy place.

Santa Fe
Gray days sure stack up in a strange way. I guess it effects me darlin
Life calls in tandem with the rainfall. You listen you learn
And me, I backed into the remedy
The secret to survival may be
you there might relate to me
Cause you look down. Turn around. That’s the same face I found
starin in my mirror there.
I got a trick to share.

Somewhere between that star and my favorite day
I just create my Santa Fe
You see my lips still move but my head’s away
Arriving in my Santa Fe. My Santa Fe

Put on your shiny shoes and that black beret
There’s dancin in your Santa Fe
Let go the stuff you know and what the bubbu’s might say
They’ll never find your Santa Fe. Your Santa Fe.

Go ‘head. Keep on livin like your half dead. Soon you’ll get old and gray.
Instead, do a little travelin inside your head.
Let your imagination go. Instincts take control and we’ll synchronize our minds.

Deadlines build up unless you find time to plan your escape and make it.
No doubt they’ll try to put your fire out. Don’t give it away
You, me, tequila and some kiwi.
I don’t see the problem darlin
Break down. How bout some faith in me
It’s just self- reliance, simple defiance, survival from that bleak routine
and the advice is free

Somewhere between that star and our favorite day
We’ll just create our Santa Fe
Who knows what life may hold but we’re sure today
You’ll find us in our Santa Fe
Our Santa Fe

Song Comments

Cup'A Coffee (Expresso)
Phil's an accomplished song-writer, recall this from years back, always loved the g-r-o-o-v-e, and great theme, and chorus, jazzy and bright, with trumpet-y break, piano, the kitchen sink, masterful really, 'let your imagination go...find your Santa Fe," cheers...

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Contender for 2019 GK nomination - Alternative Pop Rock

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